How We Work

Through meetings and conversations we find out what your goals are, who your target market it is and what budgets you need to work off. Based on these discussions we can agree on a budget, create a plan for you and start working to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

“What would a marketing plan look like?”

Most plans will combine paid and non-paid forms of marketing. We will put a monthly calendar together that will consist of various forms of marketing we have agreed on. Some will be free and can be initiated from our office, some could be paid forms (radio, TV, Print, billboards). We work within your budget.

Samples of possible marketing activities include
    • Social Media campaigns
    • Creation of Charitable events
    • Digital Media Campaign (website design, E-Newsletter Creation etc)
    • SEO Campaigns
    • Client events
    • Referral Marketing Education
    • Print Advertising, Radio Advertising,Television Advertising
    • The list goes on……….