I’m Bob the Plumber, your Child’s Maths Teacher.

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I have to assume that any sane person would rather have a Maths teacher educate their children in the subject of Maths than a plumber. Assuming the plumber was not a teacher in their previous life (which I understand is a possibility) – it seems commonsense to go with this theory. After all, the teacher specializes in teaching Maths.

Why then do many small businesses believe they are not only operators, but marketers, accountants, sales people, etc, when they are not any better at these highly specialized functions than the plumber is at teaching Maths.

Take Social Media for example, many business owners believe they can be marketers by posting on Facebook for their business. They believe this allows them to skip years of education and even more in real life experience and call themselves marketers.

I could talk for days on how wrong that approach is, but I will not. Just remember, just as you do not try and treat your serious illness if you’re not a Doctor, do not try to “treat” your business if your not a marketer or you do not have the experience. You will end up throwing money away time and time again. Hire an expert who can come in, diagnose, and cure the problem (reading a “dummies guide to Marketing” does not replace 20 years of experience – sorry!)

I don’t know about you but I want my child to have a Maths teacher educate her in school, not a plumber.


Tony Shard is the President of Shard Marketing & Branding 



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