How Much Information Do You Give To Close the Deal?

Over the last few weeks I have given many presentations or sales pitches to perspective clients. All of these clients initiated the contact with me.

A situation occurred recently where after closing the deal verbally, the potential client immediately started to implement the strategies I had suggested and then informed me they did not want to work with me. That led me to start second guessing my sales pitch and ask myself, “How much Information do you give to close the deal?”

So here is my take on the age old question.

  1. If the client is using my information they must have thought it was valuable!
  2. Down the road they will come back and utilize my services based on the quality of the free advice I provided in the Sales Pitch.
  3. If they only met me too fish for information, then I am better off not partnering with them.
  4. Being a nice guy and trying to help people cannot be a bad thing!!

Ultimately you want your clients to value your knowledge and what you bring to the table; mutual respect will to lead to a longer, more successful partnership. The more the information and tools you offer at the start help their business, the better!!

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