People do not buy at the first “Wink”

I hear so many businesses say “Facebook is pointless” or “I never get any leads on Facebook.”

My internal response typically is “you’re 100% correct it’s pointless with that attitude”.

Social Media is basically what it says it is; “SOCIAL MEDIA.” With over one billion people on Facebook at any one time, I find it hard to believe some potential clients are not using the platform. After all, in order for people to begin to consider you as a potential vendor – they need to know you.

Just like online dating,  where you typically do not throw yourself into a date at the first “wink” (or at least I did not) with Facebook you need to let people find out about you. Stop hiding behind a phone or email and bring the real you out and yourself. Let people see through Facebook what they would see in person – the real you!! Only when they begin to get to know you will they even remotely contemplate doing business with you.

Shard Marketing President Tony Shard

Shard Marketing President Tony Shard

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