Sweet, I am in 2010!

Most business owners want to be successful. Most want to make money. Yet, very few are willing to look deep inside themselves and change their practices to achieve that success.

This could be changing with technology, social media, social attitudes, marketing or a variety of other variables that come into play depending on your business.

I have talked to so many people who say “this is what works for us.” They should be saying “this is what WORKED for us” and opening themselves up for change.

An example of this is Social Media. Social Media changes all the time, yet most businesses are still trying to change and adapt to Social Media as it was 5 years ago. The system through which Facebook and other channels judge who sees which posts changes on a monthly,  if not weekly, basis.

If you are not keeping up to date or working with a specialized up to date partner, you are more than likely endeavoring and changing to bring yourself into the year 2010, instead of 2015.



Shard Marketing President Tony Shard

Shard Marketing President Tony Shard


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