The Black Hole of Marketing

I could enter my mini-van into a classic car show, but, the chances of it winning are probably zero when up against a 1962 Ferrari. That’s obviously common sense right?

Well when it comes to Marketing, so many small businesses try and find a relative or friend  who “can do their marketing” for free, or sometimes even worse, they feel they “can do it all” themselves. Then these small businesses expect to get great results when competing against companies who hire professionals! Although this can be achieved, typically it is not. Likewise, although there is a chance my mini-van could win the classic car show, logic says it will not and the Ferrari will.

Why Hire a Marketing Professional?

  1. It will allow you to concentrate on what you are good at – your product, and not get bogged down in the ever changing world of Marketing.
  2. You will be able to keep up to date with the changing trends that happen on a weekly basis in today’s marketing world (especially Digital Marketing).
  3. There are so many channels of marketing, a professional will make sure your brand/reputation is being managed correctly. Negative online reviews  can kill your business.

Do not make the mistake of throwing your marketing $$$’s down “the black hole”.

Small Businesses will say “I cannot afford a Marketing Director.” I would respond “You cannot afford not to.”


Tony Shard is the President of Shard Marketing & Branding



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